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Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic Bearings

 There are two kinds of ceramic bearing: hybrid ceramic bearing and full ceramic bearing. The rolling elements of hybrid ceramic ball bearing are made in ceramic material, the races are made in chrome steel; Different ceramic material have different properties, here is the introduction of ceramic materials and their properties. therefore, for full ceramic bearing, both rolling elements and races are made in ceramic material.

Ceramic bearing have many advantages as following:
1.High speed bearings. Especially for hybrid ceramic bearing, the highest speed can reach to 450,000RPM, mainly are applied to dental handpiece and spindle field.
2.High Temperature Ceramic Bearings. The endurable highest temperature is 1200 centigrade degree.
3.Anti-corrosion. The material itself has corrosion-resistance speciality which could be applied to strong acid, strong alkali, mineral, organic salt, sea water and so on, for examples: Electroplating Apparatus, Electronic Equipment, Chemical Machinery, Shipbuilding, Medical Devices as so.
4.Nonmagnetic Bearing: Nonmagnetic means no dust absorption which could reduce bearing wear in advance and lower bearing noise. Application examples such as demagnetizing apparatus, precise instrument field.
5.Electrical Insulation bearing: Due to high electrical resistance could avoid electrical arc damage bearing which could be used in electronic equipment which insulation is needed.
6.High Vacuum bearing: Thanks to ceramic material have the unique character of self-lubricating without oil, ceramic bearing can overcome lube difficult problem in super high vacuum, which common bearing can never achieve.
Since ceramic bearings have excellent performance, can withstand the harsh environment that metal materials and other materials are unbearable, and ceramic bearings have all the characteristics required for other material bearings, ceramic bearings are also used in various industries. Lily Bearings is also a leading manufacturer of ceramic bearings.
Ceramic ball bearing materials mainly use Si3N4 ceramics. The density of Si3N4 is 40% of that of general bearing steel, but the hardness is 2-3 times that of bearing steel. It is precisely because of the high hardness of the ceramic ball that it also directly improves the wear resistance. The hardness and strength of ceramic bearings will not be reduced, and they also have good stability under high temperature working conditions.
The ceramic bearing with characteristics lighter weight and small density, it can achieve lightweight and high speed and it can suppress the increase in load and the slippage due to centrifugal force when the ceramic bearing rotates at a high speed. Ceramic materials have low dislocations, low mobility, and very high hardness, which reduces wear and gives ceramic bearings excellent wear resistance.
The full ceramic bearing is that the rolling body and the inner outer ring are all made of ceramic material. Compared with the general bearing, the all-ceramic bearing is more resistant to corrosion and high rigidity. In high temperature environments, all ceramic bearings can operate stably at 800-1000 degrees. Due to the insulation of all ceramic bearings, in the motor industry and power industry, and even aerospace equipment, all ceramic bearings are used to reduce weight and increase flight speed.

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