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Stainless Steel Mounted Units

Stainless Steel Mounted Units

 Stainless steel mounted unit is composed of stainless steel insert bearing and bearing housing. Its biggest characteristic is to be able to prevent rusting, also has the low vibration, the low noise, the high accuracy rotates, reduces the friction torque and the high speed movement but also has its special use function. The bearing with housing is also light and dust-proof. There is also a lubricating nozzle on the bearing base, which is regularly filled with lubricating grease to maintain the service life of the bearing. Lubrication has a sealing method of filling grease in the sealed type bearing in advance, and filling an appropriate amount of grease in the inner part of the shell, and filling or replacing the grease at regular intervals. The centralized grease supply method is adopted, which is connected with pipelines to each lubrication point. Grease lubrication can be filled for a long time after the grease does not need to be supplemented, and the structure of its sealing device is also simple, so it is widely used.

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