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Needle Roller Bearings

Needle Roller Bearings

 1. Range includes solid, drawn cup or cage and roller options 2. High quality steel – ultra clean steel to extend bearing life by up to 80%

Needle roller bearing, a small-sized, high-load rolling bearing, is a roller bearing with a cylindrical roller, which is thin and long relative to its diameter. Rollers are generally 3 to 10 times larger in diameter and have a diameter of less than 5 mm.
Due to its compact radial structure, its inner diameter size and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings, the outer diameter is the smallest, and the bearing still has a relatively high load bearing capacity, so it is particularly suitable for radial installation size is limited. Occasion and environment.
Needle bearing with solid ring is a heavy-duty, low-speed bearing that can withstand large loads, but can only operate at lower speeds. When the needle is subjected to uneven force, it may be tilted, resulting in premature failure of the needle bearing.
Needle roller and cage assemblies can also be used depending on the application, or needle roller bearings can be customized. The journal surface and the outer surface of the bearing that match the needle bearing directly serve as the inner and outer rolling surfaces of the bearing. In order to make the load capacity and running performance the same as other bearings, the machining accuracy and surface quality should be the same as the raceway of the bearing ring.
In order to ensure that the needle roller bearing does not slip during operation, the bearing must bear the minimum load in the radial direction, which is especially important for high speed operation. If the radial load is not large enough, then a bad slip will occur on the raceway.

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